Digital Workflows

Media & Engagement

For Professional Service Businesses

Our Focus

Goal-directed interactions that touch every step of your customer's journey.

Every digital interaction should = measurable growth of your business. Brand interactions drive success, especially for a small business in the digital landscape.

MDME seamlessly incorporates these tools across all of your digital channels, website, and landing pages.

Our Playbook

Use digitally-harvested data to give you a leg up on the competition.

Harness the same technologies that Fortune 500 companies use for growth. The benefit of technology-driven success is that it works for everyone, big or small. 

By linking these technologies to MDME's customizable web-based platform, you can monitor and control your customer's experience from start to finish.

Our Approach

Utilizing digital content to support and increase discovery, education, and action.

Real customer engagement starts with the creation of brand supportive content. Traditional marketing talks at people; Content marketing talks with them.

We create branded content for all digital channels and platforms using video, podcasts, photography, and copywriting.

Our Platform

A game-changing ALL-IN-ONE digital service platform for your business.

Use automation to close the digital gaps that your business just can't. Automation is the best way to increase your marketing and overall ROI.

Our turn-key option operates semi-autonomously for all your marketing, workflow, service delivery, review, and loyalty needs.

"MDME was created to help small businesses. We combine the digital marketing services needed for growth and the automation of all things needed to thrive digitally into one affordable partnership."

Jason Martin MD

"At MDME, we create digital experiences that feel natural and effortless for our customers and theirs. Our platform demystifies "digital marketing" and focuses on data-driven growth. MDME customers truly thrive at the intersection of marketing and technology."

Doug Lundberg


"Engaging content inspires, informs and builds meaningful personal connections. We focus on storytelling to create a real and measurable link to your business and brand. And we do this through all digital mediums."

Nils Magelssen


"In creating our platform, we drew from our experience of running and managing small businesses. Focusing on automation to fill in the deficiencies that all small businesses face online allows us to put our energies into what we do best.

Amy Kilian


The Tools We Use

Websites and Landing Pages

Website properties linked to our all-in-one platform.

Lead Generation

Maximize results using our customized automated funnels.


Websites, emails, and interactions that are all personalized.

Digitized Workflows

Business/marketing task automation to improve the experience.

SEO and Content

Building and sustaining a robust digital presence.

Focused Advertising

Highlighting and capitalizing on growth opportunities.

Email Marketing

Grow your reach and maximize existing ROI.

Review Generation

Automated and hassle-free implementation.

Loyalty Programs

Efficiently improve digital reputation and perception.

What Our Web-Based Platform Offers

  • Website creation, management and SEO
  • Creative online visibility that is brand supportive
  • Conversion-focused landing pages
  • Targeted customer data collection using self-segmentation
  • Lead-Gen 2.0 with customer generating funnels
  • Automated workflows to streamline operations
  • Hands-free review generation that works
  • An unequaled automated loyalty program

How We Use Technology

Intelligent Targeting & Segmentation

Aggregate and attribute user data to create highly personalized experiences for potential customers.

Curate Experiences

With technology, we simplify the customer's journey with the sole focus of achieving your unique business outcomes.

Track Everything

Without data, you're guessing. Data is the present and the future, and our focus is on leveraging its advantages for your success.

The Digital Content Production We Offer


Targeted and goal-oriented written content for use in advertising and on all digital channels and platforms.

Video Production

Both short- and long-form video production is available that includes production, editing, posting and distribution.

Interactive Content

A multimedia approach to content production, intended for use on our web-based platform.