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Pillars of Our Business

Client Engagement

Fostering methods for efficient client engagement is the cornerstone of any successful business. At MDME, we provide you with step by step solutions that are by and large automated and can drastically increase your client engagement factor.

Business Growth

Growth of your business should always start with increased visibility and implementation of innovative marketing funnels. At MDME, we ensure that every potential client interaction, digitally speaking, leads to a conversion with our proprietary funnels and tools.

Technology-Based Workflows

Technology based work flows allow you to streamline and more effectively market your business. At MDME, we have developed technologies that allow for easy integration of our marketing and engagement tools into your business.

About MDME

From its inception, we created MDME to engage and support all professionals, especially those who are leaders in their respective fields. We knew from the start that if we focused on the creation of industry-leading dynamic media content, we could disrupt the status quo in the digital marketing industry.

MDME was created as an option for both professionals and organizations that is both affordable and empowers them to fully realize the benefits of the digital world. Our novel approach is a win-win that is tailored to the specific needs of in your industries.

MDME was created by a medical professional and industry-leading marketing experts who felt a strong need for an alternative that was transparent, effective, and most importantly, affordable.

Jason Martin, MD

Co-Founder, MDME