Lisa (& Dr. Greenbaum),

Thank you for sharing a little bit about your practice with me this week. As we discussed, I've prepared a few general program outlines for you to review.

Below is a quick breakdown of the services with their respective price points. I have also included additional services at the end so that you can see what else is available to you further down the road when you're ready to scale up. If requested, we can put together a plan that includes additional services.

As discussed, the cost of the website rebuild into our platform is included. There are no additional fees beyond what is listed below. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about our program. Also happy to schedule another call and include my co-founder, Dr. Jason Martin, on the call as well. He can definitely relate with where you're at right now.

MDME Basic




  • Website Platform
  • Virtual Consultation Platform (Limit: 1 Active)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development for SEO (1x / month)
  • Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Backups, & Webmaster services as part of our Website-as-a-Service program.
MDME Advanced




  • Website Platform
  • Virtual Consultation Platform (No Limit)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development for SEO (2x / month)
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Conversion-rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing Automation*
  • Segmentation / Personalization
  • Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Backups, & Webmaster services as part of our Website-as-a-Service program.

6 month minimum term is required.

Quick Explanation of Services

Below is a selection of our most popular services that we provide to our clients. Your program may not incorporate all of these services. If you are interested in learning more about a particular service, please let us know.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization and utilization of industry-leading tools to enhance your website and brand's visibility in Google for the services you provide. We automatically include content development with SEO as a baseline, and can expand as needed.

Local Search Optimization

Working in tandem with our SEO efforts, we utilize Google Search Console and on-page optimization to improve your brand's visibility in Google local maps and other local search engines.

Review Generation Platform

Automatically request reviews from customers via email and SMS. Direct positive reviews to Google and other sites while directing negative reviews to your office. Automatically display reviews from top review sites on your own website.

Email Marketing Management

Utilize your email list to its full potential by sending regularly emails, drip-marketing to leads, and developing cross-channel integrated email marketing funnels and strategies.*

Advertising Management

Advertise in Google, Instagram, and Facebook for your services. Includes landing page and ad development. Total do-it-for-you advertising solution. **

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Utilize additional tools and hands-on optimization to improve the rate at which potential patients contact your office. A/B and Multivariate test funnels and marketing efforts.

Segmentation + Personalization

Segment, tag and deliver highly personalized offers specific to the visitors interests and goals. Target your visitors with personalised messages based on your ESP/CRM data, site activity, referring site and much more. *

Video Marketing

Utilize video to enhance your digital reach and educate your website visitors. Our video marketing services include editing, Youtube management, and specialized video consulting to improve the effectiveness of your videos.

E-Commerce Solutions

Implement a shopping cart solution, take payments, or even implement a fully-functional e-commerce platform right on your own website.

Custom Icons + Website Graphics

We develop custom icons for use on your website, video, and social platforms. These icons are personalized to your business and service offering. Provide that special, unique touch by personalizaing your website with custom icons. Request a custom quote!

Explainer Videos

We create custom explainer videos for your business to help your website users understand your services better. Combined with email marketing, these make a fantastic follow-up and high-level touch for your audience to help push them closer to becoming a customer.

Microsite Platform

Showcase specialty procedures or technology that sets your office apart by launching a dedicated website with its own unique address. Ideal for niche marketing, advertising, and Google rankings for specialty services.

Learning Management Platform

Provide your visitors with an organized platform and learning environment where you can showcase specialized courses, seminars, webinars, videos, and other educational resources. 

*Email marketing platform required. We highly recommend ConvertKit.
**Ad spend with Google or Facebook is a separate fee directly to those platform.