Below are three program options for you to review. The first plan is just the website itself with basic SEO to get things started. Our MDME Basic plan is where most of our new practices start because of the assistance with content creation and our virtual consultations. Practices looking for accelerated growth and a bigger digital footprint in their first year opt for our Standard program. As your practice grows and matures over a year or two, or funds become available, we can enhance your marketing with advertising and other even more robust services.

All of our programs come with our uniquely-qualified consulting expertise. You'll have access to Jason (his input and value as a plastic surgeon who lives this every day), Amy (10+ years experience as an office manager and our Director of Talent), and Doug (for all of your marketing and technology needs). 

We're here to support you and ensure the success of your digital marketing. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


MDME Website




First 3 Months Due Upfront as Deposit

  • Website Platform
  • Initial SEO + Google Business
  • Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Backups, & Webmaster services as part of our Website-as-a-Service program.
MDME Basic




  • Website Platform
  • Virtual Consultation Platform (Limit: 2 Active)
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development for SEO (1x / month)
  • Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Backups, & Webmaster services as part of our Website-as-a-Service program.

12 month minimum term is required after which the program goes month-to-month.

Quick Explanation of Services

Below is a selection of services that we provide to our clients. Your program may not incorporate all of these services. If you are interested in learning more about a particular service, please let us know.


Automate and enhance customer engagement & business growth.

Website Development

We offer fully-managed websites as a service. Built on our proprietary AI-driven network, we leverage the power of integrated technologies and processes which lead to a better user experience and faster business growth.

Virtual Consultations

Allow customers to self-segment and identify what products or services are right for them based on AI language processing and dynamic logic trees. Our platform provides a superb customer experience.


Segment, tag and deliver highly personalized offers specific to the visitors interests and goals. Target your visitors with personalised messages based on your ESP/CRM data, site activity, referring site and much more.

Video / Media Production

Utilize video to enhance your digital reach and educate your website visitors. Our video marketing services include editing, Youtube management, and specialized video consulting to improve the effectiveness of your videos.

Email Marketing*

Utilize your email list to its full potential by sending regularl emails, drip-marketing to leads, and developing cross-channel integrated email marketing funnels and strategies.

Learning Management Platform

Provide your visitors with an organized platform and learning environment where you can showcase specialized courses, seminars, webinars, videos, and other educational resources.

Business Growth

Increase visibility and implementation of innovative marketing funnels.

Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization to enhance your website and brand's visibility in Google for the services you provide. We automatically include content development with SEO as a baseline, and can expand as needed.

Local Search Optimization

Working in tandem with our SEO efforts, we utilize Google Search Console and on-page optimization to improve your brand's visibility in Google local maps and other local search engines.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Utilize additional tools and hands-on optimization to improve the rate at which potential patients contact your office. A/B and Multivariate test funnels and marketing efforts.

Advertising Management**

Advertise in Google, Instagram, and Facebook for your services. Includes landing page and ad development. The complete do-it-for-you advertising solution.

AI-Driven Lead Funnels

All users are tagged, segmented, and advanced into fully-automated marketing sequences that integrate with your office's CRM, Email Marketing, and preferred tools.


Our system tracks and segments users based on their behaviors, identified preferences, and data we collect through our smart AI-driven analytics.

Technology-Based Workflows

Streamline your processes and market your business more effectively.

Integrated Process Design

Acquire, engage, and retain customers with our all-in-one digital platform. We offer custom, done-for-you process design as well as white-glove integration with your existing processes. 

Review Generation

Automatically collect high-quality testimonials and reviews and publish them to your website and business listings. 

Ecommerce Solutions

Our website platform provides for robust ecommerce integrations capable of handling thousands of of SKUs or a straight forward and highly-optimized sales funnel.

AI-Powered Customer Service

We've developed proprietary AI-enhanced chatbots capable of interacting with and guiding your website visitors to the information they need.

*Email marketing platform required. We highly recommend ConvertKit.
**Ad spend with Google or Facebook is a separate fee directly to those platform.